Town Hall Policies & Procedures and Committee Terms of Reference (ToR) are listed below.  Please click on the name of the document to open a copy of the relevant document.   Please note they will open in a new window.  Policies are agreed by the Town Council and reviewed and updated on a regular basis. 

Asbestos Management Grant Forms: Community, Small, New Group Recording of Meetings: Policy and Protocol
Business Continuity Plan Granting of Freeman Status Records Management
Civic Protocol Granting of Freeman Status Procedure Standing Orders
Code of Conduct Health and Safety Statement of Intent Strategic Plan
Community Engagement Statement of Intent Health and Safety Policy ToR - Amenities Committee
Contractors' Code of Conduct Local Transparency Code (DCLG) ToR - Full Council
Co-option Mail Opening ToR - Personnel Committee
Complaints Policy Member Officer Protocol ToR - Planning Committee
Complaints Procedure No Smoking ToR - Promotion & Publicity Committee
Data Protection Potection of Trees, Hedgerows & Wildlife ToR - Property Committee
Display of Notices Press and Media Procedure ToR - Working Parties template
Design and Equipping Play Areas Procurement Training
Equality and Diversity Publication Scheme Unreasonable Complainant Behaviour
Financial Regulations Public Speaking Whistleblowing
Fire Action Plan    
Grant Policy    

Policies recently adopted or amended

The following policies have been recently adopted or amended by the council.

  • Use of Land Policy - Setting out our principles for the use of Town Council land by groups.
  • Dedications Policy - This explains how we will consider applications to memorialise or dedicate objects including benches and legacies.
  • Copyright & Usage Policy - The Town Council supports the sharing of intellectual property where appropriate and protects copyright as required.